LIDAX Ingeniería S.L.

Company. LIDAX is an Spanish  high-tech SME company whose activities are focused on the space and science sectors, for which develops Structures and Mechanisms of both On-ground and Flight Instrumentation and Equipments, as well as Mechanical & Optical Support Equipments for space products.
LIDAX has expertise and means to develop mechanical systems that combine such disciplines as:  Mechanical Design, Structural analysis, Thermal Analysis, Thermal Control Design, and Motion Control.
Additionally, for the integration and verification of these equipments, LIDAX owns relevant instrumentation and facilities such as: Laboratory of Integration and Tests, Clean space, Cryostat (10K, 10-6 mbar) for testing, Interferometer for position measuring (1 nm),…etc
LIDAX’s Quality System is certified under the ISO9001 & EN 9100 standard and applies its requirements to all its activities, from design to manufacturing, integration, and testing.
Additionally, ECSS Space Standards are strictly followed in all space projects; these are produced by ESA for space standardization and promote space cooperation based on a common Management, Engineering, and Product Assurance system.
LIDAX has been extensively using its own resources for R&D for years to support the development & testing of Advanced Mechanical Equipments able to operate in cryogenic environment (temperatures lower than 77 K). These equipments, particularly those which integrate optical or motion devices, require the application of specific techniques and components not used in other kind of environments.

Staff. The following staff members are planned to have relevant participation in the project:

I.              Javier Serrano, 46 years old Aeronautical Engineer, 20 years of experience in the space industry, currently Head of Technical Department at LIDAX, and Program Manager of R&D projects.

II.             Mikel Lamensans, 30 years old Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, 3 years of experience as designer in optical on-ground and space cryogenics projects

III.            David López, 28 years old Senior Testing Engineer, 4 years of experience as Testing Engineer & Testing Manager of several space programs

IV.           Eloy Vázquez, 30 years old Senior PA Engineer, 3 years of experience in space projects as Product Assurance Manager, and deputy of LIDAX Quality Assurance Manager

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III.            Fourier Transform Scanning Mechanism (R&D Project). Development of Technologies for a Cryogenic Breadboard Fourier Transform Mechanism. Complete equipment (2009-10)

IV.           Space Coarse Lateral Sensor (ESA Project). Development of an Optical Coarse Lateral Sensor Breadboard. Complete Optical equipment (2009-10)

V.            Telescope and Atmosphere On-ground Simulator for adaptive optics study using FPGA (IAC Project. Complete equipment supplier