BPE e.K.

BPE e.K.( Reg.Nr. HRA 7924/RG Fürth) is a German based SME established in 1995. Since this time the company has been active in the following areas:
- materials & surface research in MMC's of alumina & steel
- laser joining technology of different materials
- product development of light weight constructions
- materials(nano materials)  and production processes (shaping, embossing,
stamping) in micro parts and micro systems
- micro- and nano structuring of surfaces ( ceramic, glass, metal, polymer)
The company has been SME partner in European project MASMICRO, which was finished 2008 successfully.
Partnerships in MINAM, Europe and IHK, Germany are close relations to
Industry. International partnerships with Universities ( Imperial College, London, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, INASMET, San Sebastian, IMNR,Romania)
and Industry partners and customers ( Fiat Research, MAN, m-pore, SPRG, Fraunhofer)
In the field of micro and nano structure prototyping and - production the company holds several European and German patent applications ( EP 09009362, DE 10 2008 061 600 45.1).

- Staff

The following staff members are planned to work for the project tasks:

1. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.- Ing. Wolfgang Hornig, project leader holds two University
degrees received at Technical University of Erlangen- Nürnberg in research
of materials, surfaces, friction& wear an corrosion. He has a 15 years
experience in Industry ( Daimler-Benz, Diehl) as production processes and
QA- engineer and research and development manager of international projects.
Since 1995 up today he holds the position of a general manager at BPE.

2. Dipl.-Ing. Werner Hornig is specialized in Meteorology of earth and space
weather conditions. He has a 20 years experience in this field. He will assist the project leader in project management tasks.

3. Mrs. Helma Hornig is active in marketing and sales within the company and has a 25 years experience in industry in several companies. She is assisting as staff member the tasks dissemination and exploitation.