Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

CNR (National Research Council ) is the main public research institution in Italy. It is organized in about 110 Institutes on the national territory and has many links with University.

LAMIA Laboratory (Laboratory for Innovative Advanced Materials) and the IMEM Institute ( Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism) are two CNR Institutes in Genova that strongly collaborate. In the project we are dealing with, these two entities are involved.

Their mission, as it is possible to understand from the acronyms, is the preparation, characterization and study of new materials: in particular superconducting materials, magnetic materials, materials for electronics, energy etc. The use of cryogenic techniques is strictly related to the indicated mission. A short profile of the staff members who will be undertaking the work is summarized in the enclosed curricula vitae. In the same CV it is possible to find the research projects which the participants to the project were responsible of. They constitute a clear indication of their experience on these research fields and of the potentiality of CNR laboratories. Also the list of the publications on international journals indicates the LAMIA and IMEM competitiveness in the international community active in our research fields. In particular in the last five years the group has published more than 120 manuscripts on the research fields related to the present project.

In particular in the CNR side are present strong competencies on superconducting materials ( HTS, Borocarbides, MgB2, Fe-based superconductors, Ruthenocuprates, A15…) prepared and studied in form of bulk, thin films, single crystals, tapes and wires. On this topic the principal investigators are M.R.Cimberle, C.Ferdeghini. The second important topic for the project is the knowledge of magnetism and magnetic materials whose principal investigator is F.Canepa expert on soft and hard magnets, magnetocaloric materials, magnetic nanoparticles. This project will benefit also the competencies on structural (A.Martinelli) and morphological (C.Bernini) characterization as well as transport and magnetic measurements (M.Tropeano).