Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is a public university founded in 1989 that has two faculties and a High School of Engineering. It has about 18,700 students, 1,707 professors, 150 researchers and 649 administrative staff. In 2008 UC3M was the second Spanish university in participation in the EU FP (by number of permanent researchers) and also in average number of publications per permanent researcher in the period 2002-2006 (Web of Science). Recently (CENAI Report 2009) UC3M has reached the top of the Spanish universities in research activity.

In 2008 UC3M has received 22 M€ from different (EU, Spanish and regional) public R&D programmes and has signed R&D contracts with private companies for more than 13 M€. UC3M participates in 4 research centers, being the most remarkable for this project the EADS-UC3M center for integration of Aerospace Systems. It has a Research Service (staff 27 people) for the overall management of the UC3M research and to provide support to the research units, including an Office in Brussels.

Dr. J.L. Perez-Diaz, full time professor, Ph. D. On Physics and Master on Mechanical Engineering, he has worked at CERN, where he collaborated in the design of the superconductive magnets in the LHC project. He has managed more than twenty R&D projects related to applied Sciences and Engineering –for example with ITP-Rolls Royce, INDRA, ABENGOA or LIDAX.